Celtic Firs Tree Surgery & Garden Maintenance

Tree Felling – Tree Dismantling – Storme Damage – Site Clearance – Grass Cutting – Planting – Canopy reduction – Firewood processing – Landscaping – Garden Building Erection – Path laying Fencing – Kindling & Firewood supplies

Emergency Call Out
Blown over trees or unsafe trees 24HR response Call 01847851851 or 07739681800

Janson 35 ton Kinetic log splitter which has a 35 ton splitting pressure so able to deal with the knottiest of wood. With its petrol engine we are able to operate in any location. Turning your logs into firewood has never been so easy

Have you had a tree felled or been blown over by a recent storm, and want to use the wood for your fire but haven’t got the time to process it into firewood?  Celtic Firs can help you there!With our 35 ton mobile log splutter we can change that tree on the ground into split logs in no time, ready for the fire.


Climber ready to access a sycamore using SRT ( Static Rope Technique ). Once in the tree the tree surgeon is able to skillfully move around the tree to carry out the necessary work. Some other climbers may use a DRT ( Double Rope Technique) which is down to the climber and their preferred method to use.

Celtic Firs tree surgeon ready to access a try using rope access techniques. To be able to work on a tree in a safe manor takes skill and knowledge judgment. The tree that is about to be worked on in this picture is a Sycamore at Gillock which is between Wick and Thurso
Before and after pictures of a laylandii hedge has been trimmed. Not only do Celtic Firs maintain and work on trees they also look after all aspects of the garden in the Caithness and Sutherland areas, covering such places as Wick, Thurso, Tain, Brora, Bettyhill, Helmsdale
We Celtic Firs work on a tree all waste branches are chipped and removed from site as part of the service. Alternatively the customer can keep the chippings as a mulch for their garden.

Celtic Firs also maintain gardens and hedges. All waste materials from the garden is passed though our wood chipper then removed from site or left for the customer to use as a mulch. The full mobile wood chipper with its own powerful engine and be operated in any location as no need to be near any power source. 

Needing your hedge ‘tamed’? No problem. With our long reach hedge trimmers and specialized access equipment, no hedge is too high. 

Free tree removal for trees that have been blown over due to high winds or storms. The tree or trees will be cut up and taken away free of charge providing the tree is laid on the ground and not of any danger to property etc.